Southern Ag Carriers, Inc. takes great pride in our employees and in the performance and service they provide to our customers and co-workers. The foundation and future of any company is the “people” it employs. If you are ready to take your career to the next level and work for a company that has the benefits of a large corporation while maintaining a family-first foundation, you came to the right place!


Listed below are the minimum requirements for employment with Southern Ag Carriers, Inc:

  • At least 23 years of age
  • At least 2 years of verifiable experience out of the past 5 years driving commercial vehicle
  • Valid Commercial Driver’s License (Class A)
  • No Driving under the influence in the last 7 years (DUI/DWI)
  • Must pass Federal Department of Transportation ROAD TEST
  • Must pass Federal Department of Transportation Drug and Alcohol tests
  • Must pass Federal Department of Transportation Physical Requirements
  • Must pass job assessment test (functional capacity test)
  •  Must practice good personal hygiene
We will pull the following reports:
  • DAC Report
  • 7-year MVR
  • Criminal background check
  • DOT PSP report
  • Verify past employment (Only after release form signed)

Listed below are the various available positions Southern Ag offers. If you are interested or want to learn more, please contact us at 229-432-9696 or apply today and a recruiter will be in contact with you!

Local/Ag Division
  • Paid 28% of each load
  • Home daily/every other day, possible weekend work depending on location
  • GA Terminal: GA, FL, AL
  • AR Terminal: AR, TN, MS
Regional Division:
  • Paid 28% of each load
  • Out 3-5 days, possible weekend work depending on location
  • GA Terminal: GA, FL, AL, TN, NC, SC, MS, KY
  • NC Terminal: NC, SC, VA, PA, TN, KY, GA, FL, AL
  • AR Terminal: AR, MO, TN, MS, GA, AL
Long Haul Division:
  • Paid up to 63cpm
  • Average mileage 2200-3200 per week
  • Out 1-2 weeks at a time
  • AL, AR, FL, GA, LA, MD, MS, NC, SC, TX, PA, OK, OH, VA, IN, NJ
Owner Operator/Lease Trucks:
  • Paid 75% of the load plus 95% fuel surcharge
  • Regional and long haul runs available
  • Truck must be within the year 2000 of newer to lease under SOAG DOT number
  • Southern Ag discount fuel program

To maintain the level of quality and service that Southern Ag Carriers, Inc is known for, it takes a team of high quality and well compensated drivers. Below are some of the benefits you can expect if you become part of our team:


A referral bonus will be paid out in two increments. At your 120 days with $1,000 and at your one-year mark with another $1,000.


A “FUEL BONUS” will be paid quarterly as follows:

  • 6.5 miles per gallon 1 cent per mile
  • 6.75 miles per gallon 2 cents per mile
  • 7.0 miles per gallon 3 cents per mile

Layover pay of $75 will be paid for each 24-hour period after the first 24-hour period in layover status.


We do not encourage drivers to load or unload trailers. When it is necessary, the driver will be paid based on the amount paid by customer and approved by dispatcher. Documentation must be turned in with bill of lading.


Everyone that has been with the company for more than 1 year will have 96 hours of PTO or 12 days that is earned throughout the calendar year. These will start accruing after your 90-day period. Ask for more details!


Southern AG recognizes and pays for the following five holidays: New Years Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.


In the event of the death of a member of a driver’s immediate family (spouse, child, brother, sister, parent or grandparent) up to two (2) days bereavement pay in the amount of $96 per day will be paid.


Health and Hospitalization Insurance is available for the employee. This coverage is effective after 90 days waiting period. Coverage for a spouse and/or children is also available through a payroll deduction. Life insurance on the employee in the amount of $25,000 is provided by Southern AG. This coverage is effective after 90 days waiting period. Disability insurance is available on a payroll deduction basis. Dental insurance is available on a payroll deduction basis. Vision insurance is available on a payroll deduction basis. Accident, cancer, intensive care, and special event insurance is available through AFLAC on a payroll deduction basis.

401(k) PLAN

Employees become eligible for the 401(k) Plan the first month following six (6) full months of employment. Employee contributions may be made by electing to have a percentage of your gross pay deducted from each paycheck. This percentage can be changed at any time. An employee may contribute up to $17,500 per year into their 401(k) account (2013 limit). These contributions are a pre-tax benefit reducing your taxable wages. Southern AG matches 25% of the first 6% of gross pay the employee contributes.


Southern AG provides 3 shirts and a hat on hire date, and then on every anniversary.


Southern AG offers Direct Deposit for employee payroll checks to virtually any bank or credit union. This insures that drivers pay is available to them each Friday without relying on the mail or inconvenience of having to pick up the check and take it to the bank. Southern AG reserves the right to make changes to these policies at any time without notice.


If you are interested in applying to join our team, you can fill out our easy online complete application by clicking “Apply Now” below.

Interested in joining the team?

At Southern Ag, family is our foundation.

We invite you to join our growing company and be a part of an organization that has the benefits of a large corporation with roots of a family.

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