Reefers & The Coronavirus: Shipping Essential Commodities

Refrigerated trucking is required to move perishable agricultural products from one place to another. The refrigerated trucks can be ice-cooled, diesel engine powered refrigeration systems or employ carbon dioxide as a cooling agent. Long-distance refrigerated transport truck has refrigerated semi-trailers. We at Southern Agriculture Carriers Inc. have the best-refrigerated trucks to transport your perishable produce anywhere. You can know more about us by visiting the link:

Refrigerated trucks are a logistic game changer. They are used to deliver perishable goods in a short time keeping them fresh and valuable. You can even track and adjust the temperature levels of the refrigerated compartment remotely enabling you to take live adjustments. There are a few things worth knowing about refrigerated trucking.

  • The refrigerant system of such trucks is powered through a diesel engine or electrical charging system of the vehicle. Since these sources of energy are limited in a truck, all parts must be well maintained and serviced regularly.
  • The refrigerator truck comes in various sizes. Depending on your requirements, you must carefully choose the right size of the truck. A smaller truck may not be able to cool your merchandise as required leading to the expiration of your goods. On the other hand, space inside the refrigerator section will lead to wastage of energy.
  • The size of the truck is also important keeping in view the source and destination of the goods. Larger trucks may not be able to deliver at the congested location and can lead to a logistics nightmare.
  • Budget is an important consideration while choosing the right refrigerated trucking service for yourself. Also, ensure if the trucking service provider has the additional services that you may need to deliver your items. The Southern Agriculture Carriers Inc. is providing affordable solutions to all your refrigerated freight needs.
  • The truck drivers of the refrigerated trucks are essential people manning your commodities on the move. Check and ensure that tour refrigerated trucking service provider has qualified and trained drivers to handle any untoward incident that may occur.

The Southern Agriculture Carriers Inc. has a team of 275+ trained professionals to fulfill your logistics requirement. You can contact us any day at our office address here.

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